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We are your lawn stylist!

About Vereen Landscaping & Tree Service

Our firms philosophy embodies the idea that landscape architecture and design, regardless of scale, has always been to create stylized nature. By embracing a site’s opportunities and constraints every project can be shaped into an artful overlap of the man-made and natural, in which form follows function embracing the art and ecology of a site. Our team is made up of talented individuals who are dedicated to helping our clients realize their dream gardens. They are passionate about garden and landscape design, committed to thorough project management, and appreciate an attention to detail.






We are dedicated to quality service on a highly competitive basis, with guaranteed customer satisfaction! Call us to see how we can help you create a beautiful environment.

8 Reasons to Hire a Professional Landscaper


  • Boost Your Home Value
  • Get Artistic Vision
  • Avoid Hard Labor
  • Live a Low-Maintenance Lifestyle
  • Lower Your Water and Energy Bills
  • Maximize Lawn Potential
  • Stay on Budget
  • Make You and Your Family Happy

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